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My new sounds:

I love pointing out hypocrisy in others.

As a non-religious individual, I love pointing out the hypocrisy in others. As a hip hop artist, I love imaginarily (new word, don’t mind me) pointing it out to them in my mind. I don’t hate the artists that write songs about drugs and sex with videos full of debauchery, but I’ll be damned if I don’t make fun of them a lot, even if just in my head.

Even if they’re just writing, hoping to make a buck, I feel as though artistic integrity has flown out the window. I feel as though they truly do “love bitches and hoes” yet “pray to God for the naysayers.” I don’t understand, but I just love a giggle at their expense.

Some of my hip hop group’s songs,

So yeah, I’m bored. Talk at me?!

My friend Joseph (AKA J-Fost) found a miner, so decided to seek some treasure for myself.

My friend Joseph (AKA J-Fost) found a miner, so decided to seek some treasure for myself.

It wasn’t what you said…

"it’s what you didn’t say. It hurt me that you didn’t offer," she said. "Even Joseph did."
"Well I’m glad he was there to do so. And I’m very sorry I didn’t. I feel stupid for not offering," he moaned.
He felt somewhat betrayed by his words, and by hers. He wished for a moment he weren’t there. He wished he never performed the series of events that led him there, like a miner trapped by the losening stones about him. His throat began to hurt. 
His mind raced, “Why didn’t I think to say this?” He feels like a numbskull battered with special and deep fried in regret and heartache.

Just the 2nd single from my rap group Team FODY

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